‘Intergenerational gardening is the act of older adults passing along plant information, gardening skills, and cultural traditions to younger generations.’

Last Saturday 11th August a small working bee group help to establish the initial stage of an intergenerational garden at the Edible Landscapes Gardens at Nerang Parkland.

Growing food, building community

“Not everything that grows in a garden is a plant”.  Gardening is just one of the many common-ground activities where intergenerational transfers can happen.

EdibleScapes envisage a safe environment for cultural and life experience sharing:
  • A space for seniors to share their stories and knowledge of gardening.
  • A space where children can learn as they help grandparents grow fruit and vegetables.

The garden space brings a valuable intergenerational exchange to the community.  Seniors have a means to remain physically and mentally active; their knowledge value is not lost; and they can build meaningful relationships with local families.

Grandparents can pass on cultural knowledge to younger generations, especially in families that have immigrated from their countries or communities of origin. Grandparents from a variety of cultural backgrounds can pass on knowledge about growing fruit and vegetables to their grandchildren through joint gardening activities. Grandparents can introduce children to a wide range of fruits and vegetables, reinforcing concepts through bilingual communication, which will increase interest in gardening in the younger generation.  Finally, grandparents can remain physically and mentally active, whilst helping to create a vibrant, cohesive community in an environmentally friendly way.

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