Seville Orange Tree for the
Heritage Orchard Garden
at EdibleScapes

The Seville orange tree was donated by Margaret Lee to the Edible Landscape Gardens.This tree will set in the collection to be planted in the heritage orchard garden of the project site.  

Margaret explains, “The Shailer family grew huge numbers of fruit trees on their land, now "Shailer Park" suburb south of Brisbane. ” A friend of Margaret, Lynette Shailer gave her the fruit & she has grown some plants. “For history, they go back to 1920 there.”“Seville city in Spain features the trees on footpaths & in many gardens. Now is the tourist season & the blossom & scent is wonderful.

Grafting does NOT work for these & NOT compatible with rootstocks. You may later try 'marcott' or aerial layer. It is rough skinned, no fruit-fly problem, but not good for fruit bowl/eating. The marmalade is scarce & gets a good price.

Lynnes father was an Alderman (now Councillor) on the Albert Shire, now combined with Gold Coast. He died recently aged in his late 90's. Friend of John Franklin, our friend in Mudgeeraba, ex Councillor.

”Margaret continued… “The Shailer fruit was supplied to the IXL jam factory in Brisbane, tinned marmalade etc. (melon & lemon jam too)”

Margaret offer generosity to 'grow it on' in a larger size for Ediblescapes.

Margaret was gardening from the age of 2 in the 40's in her small hometown, Surfers' Paradise. “Remember all the neighbours gardens & what grew around town, including a very large Flindersia tree ! where Chevron Renaissance is now.”

Margaret & Ian have 10 acres volcanic soil in Mudgeeraba with different sections for their plant collections, & native & honey bees. Keeps them busy.

Margaret’s father’s parents families go back in Brisbane to 1830's & 1860's. Farriers & farmers.

EdibleScapes thanks Margaret for her generosity and willing to share her local knowledge and fruit trees connection to families’ stories.This is a second fruit tree donated to the project, which envision to plant a selection of donated orchard trees that have local story connection to earlier settlement of the region.  Also, EdibleScapes planning to be mapping fruit trees on the city, especially that have been with families for various generations.

Margaret & Ian Lee


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