Our COVID-19 response and

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, EdibleScapes harvested 35 times and delivered approximately 5200 litres (1500 kilograms) of fresh produce to Nerang Foodbank. This we grew in 400m2 of garden beds, achieving productivity of about 4kg per m2 of garden for the year.  

This was only possible by employing biointensive growing methods, onsite production of organic solid and liquid biofertilisers, and the contribution of our volunteers; casual volunteers to gardening and composting work in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic and 24 participants in the Edible Garden Promoter program since July 2020.

The original concept of the public Edible Landscape Garden or ‘EdibleScapes Garden’ at Country Paradise Parklands was to grow fruits trees and accompanying perennial edible plants and herbs inspired by forest gardens seen in permaculture.  We are not a permaculture model, rather a demonstrative and experiential learning site in an organically grown food garden that is open to the public.

Fruit trees that we planted in 2018-19 are now flourishing and fruiting. We will plant additional trees in 2021, to complete the last phase of design. Nevertheless, the perennial permaculture plants are replaced for  seasonal vegetables to supply food relief services and demonstrate the possibilities of a local edible garden.

Peanut Butter Tree planting by Diane Kelly  
in 2019 celebrating woman week.
Pilot volunteer training program

The Edible Garden Promoter (EGP) program is part of our own course of learning for establishing home gardens in Gold Coast. One big take away from the 2020 intake is that participants need resources to be able to begin their home garden - materials like growing soil substrate, biofertilisers and so on. This year, to enhance the experience for participants, the program will be associated with our social enterprise Ediblescapes _SE, in order to make growing resources available to them.   

Seedling propagation GP August 2020 
Fertilisers for home growers 

Ediblescapes_SE is the social enterprise that will enable Ediblescapes Inc. to self-fund our programs and create positive social impact for the Gold Coast community by influencing the transition towards ecological and equitable urban food systems.

To help home growers, Ediblescapes _SE has developed a solid biofertiliser, BIOLSOL, in a concentrated form for dilution into a dual-use liquid foliar spray and soluble soil fertiliser, BIOL. Just 3% of concentrated BIOLSOL will be sufficient to make a spray for a home garden containing vegetables and fruit trees. Another solid form of BIOLSOL will be a bokashi-style product designed for use with transplanted seedlings and periodical soil fertilisation.

BIOSOL leads to superior plant growth. contains a complex mix of essential micro-nutrients and other beneficial nutrients that stimulate a range of positive effects in plants resulting in high, healthy crop yields. It increases plants’ resistance to insects and diseases and makes them more tolerant to stressors like heat.

Considering external environmental impacts of our product’s distribution, we have chosen to package BIOLSOL in home compostable packaging and in its concentrated form for more economical transportation. 

Our 2021 aspirations and how you can help 

Our objective in 2021 is to increase the garden area to 600m2, double the productivity of the beds and harvest enough produce to directly benefit 30 people per week. 
We ask the organic growing community to support us in our bold objective – we want to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with you! 
Become an Ediblescapes_SE Member and become a shareholder in the social enterprise. 
As a member you will receive credit to exchange for BIOLSOL for your own use, as well as access to learning materials from our Edible Garden Promoter program.  
Sign up here  https://www.facebook.com/Ediblescapes_SE


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