Ediblescapes_SE has created an innovative fermented BIOL-SOL vegan manure fertiliser solution for the use of urban edible gardeners.

How does BIOL-SOL fertiliser work?
BIOL-SOL works inside plants, activating nutritional harmony as a mechanism to defend them. Through organic acids, growth hormones, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates, present in the complexity of the biological, chemical, physical energy reactions between the plants and soil life.

How is it applied?
The application of BIOL-SOL is in the form of a convenient tea. Tie the BIOL-SOL up in a muslin cloth to make it like a teabag, and submerge it in a container of water for a minimum of 4 hours.

BIOL-SOL into the water, more than 4 hours
before application.

How are applied to plants and soil?
Remove the teabag and apply the tea as a foliar spray, preferably to the underside of the leaves. It’s best to pray early in the morning before 10am or in the afternoon after 4pm, not during the hottest middle part of the day as plants have generally closed most of their stoma to avoid dying of dehydration due to the heat.

Feed your plants before 10am or after 4pm

If applying BIOL-SOL to the soil you must apply it directly to the soil’s surface. This stimulates the mineral and biological eco-revolution to cultivate fertile, nutritionally diverse, and deeper soil.

BIOL-SOL ferment biofertiliser increases the mineral diversity, and vitamins of food; thereby improving the nutrition and health of everyone who eats it. It is a technology based on rediscovering knowledge and grower wisdom to achieve success through sustainability.

How frequently should BIOL-SOL be applied?

Plants eat every day, perform photo-synthesis, store and expend energy, reproduce, grow, grow old, die and are recycled. Thus, the ideal thing would be to execute the maximum number of applications, with very short intervals between one application and another, in a low concentration of BIOL-SOL fertilisers.

We recommend calculating the quantity of water use in the garden each fortnight. Then, collect this amount in a container and leave it in the sun for 24 hours (if you wish to reduce chlorine) before submerging the BIOL-SOL in a cotton bag in the middle of a water container to brew like a tea system. We also recommended leaving the submerged tea bag in to brew for a minimum of 4 hours before the first application. Then, leave the teabag in the rest of the water for the subsequent applications over the next fortnight.

How much liquid bio fertiliser needs to be applied for foliar spray and/or soil watering applications?

We suggest an average of 5%, this is equal to say one portion of BIOL-SOL in 20 parts of water. However, it won’t hurt the plants if you use more or less than the suggested 5% BIOL-SOL.

BIOL-SOL liquid fertiliser should be integrated into your regular hand watering regime so your plants are regularly receiving a small dose, rather than large infrequent doses.

In the above picture, taken on July 31, Ediblescapes volunteers were ready to showcase EdibleScapes Gardens accomplishments and Ediblescapes_SE social enterprise prepared to start fund-raising by trading BIOL-SOL, our innovative vegan manure fertiliser solution for the urban edible garden. And then, 10 minutes later, the Botanical Bazaar festival was cancelled.

If you would like to help with our fund-raising, you can purchase 5L BIOL-SOL or BOFFF for $10 each.


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