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** Donation toward EdibleScapes Inc. running cost:Incorporation, communication, reporting, administration.

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EdibleScapes Inc.

Is, on and from the sixteenth day of March 2018 incorporated under
the Queensland  Associations Incorporation Act 1981.
In General Meeting Wednesday 24 January 2018 the EdibleScapes group
  1. Passed a motion to incorporate by resolution
  2. Confirmed their name
  3. Adopted a set of operating rules

The purpose of EdibleScapes is

  1. to provide research, knowledge and practice of urban food ecology systems through fundraising, public outreach, advocacy and production of public food ecology learning sites.
  2. to foster appreciation for edible food ecology gardens and local agroecology sustainable food systems, sharing knowledge of ecological food practices and sustainable urban food ecology research in the community.
  3. to strive to promote public edible garden as a unique community resource for organic and sustainable gardening education through EdibleScapes’ year-round schedule of workshops and other events. 


The objects of the association are: 
(1) To support, promote and provide education about community based,
ecologically sustainable food production and distribution, by the following means:
  •  Secure access to land in urban and peri-urban areas that can be used to grow food and host educational workshops and community events
  • Provide people with open public space, resources and knowledge to produce organic food, using ecologically sustainable methods;
  • To involve local people, including children, in learning about and caring for ecologically sustainable food production systems;
  • To provide a point of social contact for community members, including people with intellectual and physical disabilities and/or who might be experiencing socio-economic disadvantage;
  • To create opportunities for work and skills development;
  • To work together with Landcare and other environmental and community groups;
  • To pursue these objective within the catchment areas of the City of the Gold Coast and beyond.


5 Classes of members
(1) The membership of the association consists of the following:
(a) Ordinary membership which is open to all individuals and organisations subscribing to the above purposes of the Association. Ordinary members have a right to vote at Annual General Meetings.
(b) Associate membership, who are registered in the activity participation register for the Association.
Associate members have no voting rights at the Annual General Meetings.
(2) The number of ordinary members is unlimited.

Membership fees

(1) The membership fee for each ordinary membership and associate membership:
(a) is the amount decided by the members from time to time at a general meeting; and
(b) is payable when, and in the way, the management committee decides.

  • Volunteers & Active Members: membership fees waived for volunteered time work.
  • Member supports: pay what you want!
  • Activity Participant Members: activity fees
Donation toward EdibleScapes running costs: Incorporation, communication, reporting, venue and administration. 

EdibleScapes Structure

EdibleScapes have two functional structures: A.     Management Committee - to govern the association B.     The Coordinator - to manage the operational programs

Management Committee

Our elected Management Committee members:          
President: Jorge Cantellano
Vice President: Amy Gould
Treasurer: Karen Jones
Secretary: Steven Gill

Active Volunteer members can nominate a sub-committee or program to support.

The Coordinator

EdibleScapes Coordinator group -The Coordinator:
Operational manager & volunteer workers team
(to manage and operate the EdibleScapes programs)
Appointed Coordinator members
EdibleScapes Coordinator manager: Jorge Cantellano
Programs volunteer teams: To be called through social and employment services advertisement.


Ediblescapes Inc.
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