Our History

The concept of an aesthetically pleasing edible landscape was presented to on 27 February 2017
A signing of a Memorandum of Understanding happens in 12th May 2018,
In the 3rd May 2019, a Sub-licence Agreement has been duly completed and formally welcome Ediblescapes Inc. in the Parklands.

Our Motive

To foster appreciation for edible food ecology gardens and local agroecology sustainable food systems, sharing knowledge of ecological food practices and sustainable urban food research in the community.

Our Goal

To support, promote and provide education about community based,
ecologically sustainable food production and distribution

Some of Our Priorities

The principal services of EdibleScapes are developing Public Edible Landscape Gardens, Community Composting and community education programs on urban food ecology.

Edible Gardens & Community Composting

Allowing experimentation to learn from doing, and allowing volunteer participation. Also, it permits experimentation with edible communal models while a permanent food forest garden is growing.

Social and ecological

Through public workshops and garden events, the wider community can be exposed to information and training in the ecological cultivation of vegetables and medicinal plants and spices.


Ecological relationships, creatively proposing new possibilities for coexistence, sustainability, and healing.


(Sustainable Urban Food) to acquire appropriate local food growing knowledge and adapt food technology to the local urban context. Cooperate, research, experiment and communicate food ecological knowledge.

Social Enterprise

(Community based-social enterprise owned by Ediblescapes Inc)
Trading in food ecology and sustainable food grown biofertiliser products and services. A means of self-help and creating resources to establish and maintain public or semi-public edible gardens.