Bokashi Organic
Ferment Food Fertiliser

BIOL-SOL Biofertiliser mixed with compost bokashi style biological boost soil living organism that promotes plant growth and bio-protections.


Ediblescapes has until now, run its programs with minimal funding, while the permanent Edible Landscapes Gardens have been largely supported by local Councillor Peter Young. We want to ensure future financial viability of the project and are serious about generating our own income – we are now embarking on a social enterprise operation to fund our future programs.  

Over the last two years, we have researched, experimented, and developed an effective fermented biological fertiliser (biofertiliser). It is comprised of food waste (non-harvestable or consumable produce) collected from the Edible Landscape Gardens, green waste and brown waste collected from the parklands. Our weekly delivery of freshly harvested produce to Nerang Food Bank is a testimony of the efficacy of these fertilisers.

BIOL-SOL and BOFFF are the two biofertilisers that we intend to trade under our social enterprise branch, Ediblescapes_SE. This will allow us to fundraise for Ediblescapes volunteer and public outreach programs, as well as design a marketing strategy for our ‘social good’ framework that will allow us to replicate our community education program across the city, and encourage the propagation of edible gardens, returning to the core objective of Ediblescapes Inc.

We would like to develop mutually beneficial relationships with local gardeners and growers – we hope to do this by exchanging our biofertiliser for your individual support in the Ediblescapes program.

We do not intend to sell compost or cultivated soil, the other products of our volunteer work. 

What is BOFFF?

BOFFF derive from microorganic reproduction through a process of fermentation of organic matter. It is an effective way of composting organic matter and accelerating humus production to create microorganic-rich soil boosters.

BOFFF: Bokashi Organic Fermented Food Fertiliser - soil fertiliser used to create microbe-rich soil ready for planting or to accelerate plant growth through root absorption. Combine with sifted soil for seedling development in trays. When transplanting seedlings, add directly to the base of the hole where the seedling is to be planted. Use as a maintenance soil fertiliser during the growing months.

We use raw bokashi to ferment organic waste in a process that firstly separates the liquid from the solid, followed by anaerobic fermentation to produce biological solid fertiliser and biological liquid fertiliser. In the final step, both the liquid and solid fertilisers are remixed for further aerobic fermentation.

We have observed that hot composting produces considerable nutrient loss through liquid leaching.  In contrast, fermentation of organic matter does not lead to leaching, and instead results in a high concentration of nutrients, biotics and mineral elements contained within the end product.