Ediblescapes Social Enterprise fundraising to support EdibleScapes Gardens to grow healthy food, provide nutritional food to people in food insecurity and run community education programs.

Fertilisers for home growers

Ediblescapes_SE is the social enterprise that will enable Ediblescapes Inc. to self-fund our programs and create positive social impact for the  community by influencing the transition towards ecological and equitable urban food systems.

To help home growers, Ediblescapes_SE has developed a solid bio-fertiliser, BIOL-SOL, in a concentrated form for dilution into a dual-use liquid foliar spray and soluble soil fertiliser BIOL. Just 5% of concentrated BIOL-SOL will be sufficient to make a spray for a home garden containing vegetables and fruit trees. Another solid bio-fertiliser is BOFFF (Bokashi Organic– Ferment Food Fertiliser), a bokashi-style product designed for transplanted seedlings and periodical soil fertilisation.

BIOL-SOL leads to superior plant growth. It contains a complex mix of essential micro-nutrients and other beneficial nutrients that stimulate a range of positive effects in plants resulting in high, healthy crop yields. In addition, it increases plants’ resistance to insects and diseases and makes them more tolerant to stressors like heat.